I’m always obsessing about something, as a child it was dancing, then making videos, then singing every waking hour.  As an adult I’ve travelled for hours to ride horses, ran into walls to climb the squash leagues, become a YouTuber, pounded the treadmill at 6am and followed some ridiculous diets and fads.  Non have made me quite so gleeful as GYMNASTICS.

I remember as a child covering the basics, roly polys, cartwheels, stand on one leg etc.  At one point in high school I vaguely recall venturing as far as a hand spring over a big box.  At school we were never really challenged in this sport (I guess due to lack of equipment or expertise), so I grew up admiring the skill of gymnasts on TV but never for a second believed that I would one day be capable of bouncing about in that fashion.

Recently I was on set with a large, highly talented cast; one of which was showing off his party trick.  This consisted of a continuous stream of back flicks and ending in a somersault.  My jaw hit the ground; my heart fluttered with the spectacle I had witnessed and then it sank in disappointment that I was not able to perform that incredible feat.  Then something inside of me stood up and kicked my doubting self in the shins…WHY CANT YOU DO IT?

That evening, a dark night it was, I researched adult gymnastics sessions.  I knew there had to be somewhere for adults to go to flip flop all over the place.  Sure enough I found a place within a five minutes drive from my flat.  I have now been attending a few hours a week for the last few months and I can’t believe I didn’t try this earlier.


Every session I start off flushed with nerves, scared to throw myself into flick or somersault.  After a few fumbled attempts I get cross and straighten my head out.  Until I am beaming with pride and at times crying tears of joy at the fact that I am achieving something that I wasn’t able to do the day before.  And its because I start off frightened that I get such a kick out of achieving and over coming that fear.  This is also where the coaches have been AMAZING; always eager to help and advise; trustworthy when it comes to supporting and recognising when your ready to be pushed.  These guys are my heroes, thank you.


The other thing that makes gymnastics my number one obsession is the fitness.  Take a look at anyone who takes gymnastics seriously, chances are they will be incredibly strong and slim.  Gymnastics targets cores muscles in a way I haven’t found with other forms of exercise.  And being surrounded by these amazingly strong people inspires me to build my strength further and to visit my fridge less.

I encourage everyone who has ever had a mind to do a somersault to seek out your local gymnastics club.  I can honestly say that unless a physical injury prevents me, I think I have found something that I can obsess over for many years to come.

To take a peek at my first few months progress check out this video and skip to 4.50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPhKUHx3X9A&list=UUk7eMe15D294ozrqKqNVl_g


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