One day to live…


Occasionally it occurs to me that we are not really living.  Yes we breathe, we work, we play but we don’t really live.

Every morning before I have risen from my slumber I look, with one eye, at my phone.  Once up it’s straight to work, which generally means nine hours sat in front of my two computer screens, multi tasking the hell out of my chaotic little life.  I may come up for air a few times during the day to throw together a tasty snack, which I devour whilst glaring at Facebook to catch up on the gossip.  My evenings are the same, if I have somehow managed to peel myself away from the office I will sit at dinner, mobile next to plate ready to disrupt the conversation with a ‘Candy Crush invitation’ or some other useless notification.  Finally bed time and I finish off my technology filled day with a fifteen minute stint on a mind numbingly addictive game.

Even on the big occasions (parties, days out, family get togethers, etc) we spend so much time grabbing photos, videos, checking in or simply checking our phones, that we simply forget to fully immerse ourselves in to the experience.  And as the whole world becomes digital I don’t expect that things are likely to improve.

So I suggest you try to spend one day without technology (phones, iPads, computers, games stations).  Use that day to see loved ones or friends and do something really fun without having to document it to the whole world.

Photos are made though a camera lens but memories are made through experience!


2 thoughts on “One day to live…

  1. You mean to actually interact with people? Face-to-face? Gasp! I am not sure I am ready for that! Sarcasm aside, you are correct. The days of ‘playing outside enjoying life’ have been forgotten at times and it is up to each individual to reel it back in and make time to dance in the rain. Thank you for your posting today 🙂


  2. I have an absolutely basic phone which does nothing except text and call, and I use it once a week at most, so it’s not a distraction. I don’t watch tv (I watch the odd programme on the computer) so another distraction ticked off. I use my laptop to write and play an occasional game but I spend so much time cooking, reading, walking, sewing, knitting and dealing with friends and family every day that I don’t consider myself locked to any technology 😀


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